No internet access in Ethiopia because of National exams in progress

Ethiopia said it had deactivated its internet services on Tuesday. it’s not because of a major technical issue with telecom providers. It’s actually because of the nation’s year 10 and 12 school students as well as its university students are in the midst of their exams.
A Google transparency report registered sharply dropping numbers of Ethiopian visitors to its websites on Tuesday.
It’s the second time in recent months that Africa’s second most populous country has turned off its mobile data service, which most businesses and consumers rely on for internet access.
The leak led to the exam being cancelled.
While the Ethiopian government had admitted to temporarily disabling internet services, it offered no specific explanation for the countrywide outage.
Far from being a yearly occurrence, this is actually the third time in 12 months that Ethiopia has shut down its Internet. In July 2016, the government shut down access to Facebook, Twitter, and Viber after university entrance exam questions were leaked online, Africa News reports.
“Mobile data has been deactivated,” deputy communications minister Zadig Abrha told AFP, declining to elaborate further.
A spokesman for the state-owned Ethio Telecom did not respond to multiple requests for comment.
Home to both the headquarters of the African Union and the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa has gained the nickname “Africa’s political capital”.
But officials at both institutions said their internet was cut on Tuesday afternoon but returned Wednesday, while average Ethiopians were still unable to connect via their phones or modems, which use mobile SIM cards.
Ethiopia has been censoring its internet for more than a decade now.

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