Spotify is Testing a Driving Mode feature on Android

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. It is used by a lot of people worldwide while driving. This feature is not yet fully available to the general public, but it was tested by a reddit user Chris54721 who shared the following images online of the new spotify driving mode.
The new spotify driving mode comes with a simplified interface. In between two large seek buttons is a large mic button which would eventually allow you to say commands to control music or speak an artist, playlist, or track name.
The new Driving Mode feature has larger buttons, announces songs aloud, and will feature hands-free voice control (which isn’t currently active). These enhancements should minimize distractions for safer driving.
Also, Apple announced a similar feature in June on iOS that will auto-reply to your contacts while you’re driving called do not disturb while driving, a similar hands-free feature coming to iPhones as part of its fall’s iOS 11 update.
It is unclear right now when this new driving feature would be available to the general public.

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