10 Best scholarship search tools to help you get Free Money

A Scholarship is a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement. For Nigerians or most Africans in general,
Heading off to college abroad accompanies an enormous sticker price.
Fortunately, there are a huge number of grants out there to facilitate the budgetary weight. Indeed, even a little grant can help diminish the sum you take out in student loans. You can discover scholarships that award students for anything from studying computer science to medical courses.

In any case, how would you discover these scholarships? To enable you in your mission, here are some of the best scholarship search tools.


On Scholarship Monkey, you’ll find tons of scholarships that are searchable by keyword. Plus, you can create a profile and save scholarships to revisit at a later time.

Scholarship Monkey doesn’t have many navigation filters like some other sites. You’ll have to do a little more surfing to find the right opportunities. But if it saves you money on College Tuition, it is worth it.


The Chegg scholarship finder is another great tool that will help you find scholarships for school. If you sign up, you’ll get additional filters to customize your search. But if you prefer, you can get started without one and search by location, GPA, and application type.
You can also narrow the list down to scholarships that don’t require an essay. Chegg also offers a monthly $1,000 grant. To apply, you’ll answer creative questions such as “If you started a company, what would it be and why?”

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3. AFCEA.ORG – AFCEA Educational Foundation

On this site you will find various programs including:
– Graduate
– Undergraduate
– Military Personnel
– Working Students


The retail giant Target offers scholarships and grants.These can be found on their website. This is great opportunity to get your foot in the door of a fantastic scholarship.


Don’t forget to look for posters announcing various scholarship opportunities posted on bulletin boards at your public library. You can also do searches in the library database to find college scholarships and maybe even find weird scholarships that are based on a unique quality that you may possess.


Visit your school’s financial aid office or any local college aid office to get your hands on complete resources to find college scholarships. Each college should have their own specific resource that include private scholarships just for their school. These scholarships may apply to students from particular regions, students of certain ethnic or religious backgrounds or students interested in specific subjects.

If you are interested in Cosmetology, Medical Assisting or Automotive studies: have no fear; there are scholarships that will work these specific career-focused programs and many others.


Take advantage of your high school or any local high school’s guidance counselor office to get as much scholarship information as you can. Be sure to inquire about scholarships that have been awarded by students in the past. Your high school should keep a record of these and can provide vital information on how the scholarships were won.

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Contact religious groups, your Chamber of Commerce, local community service organizations, your personal place of business or the businesses of family and friends and your church.


Check the Niche scholarship search engine for a user-friendly directory with no required sign-up process. One quick tip is the “Easy to Apply” filter. Here, you can search for scholarships that don’t have an essay, GPA, or recommendation requirement.
With such an easy application process, you stand a better chance of getting a scholarship.


Cappex is another huge directory of scholarships with over $11 billion in funding. It offers a frequently updated database, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

But Cappex doesn’t just offer a scholarship database. It also gives advice on the college application process, offers college reviews, and provides overviews of different majors.


Scholarships.com offers a huge database of grants across the country. In fact, the site has collected over 3.7 million scholarships adding up to $19 billion. To get your hands on some of this cash, create a profile with Scholarships.com. Then, narrow down your search with personalized filters.

Each scholarship will have its own application requirements, but some may have similar requirements so you can use the same materials to apply.

These scholarships do not usually offer huge sums of money, but you have better chance with privately sponsored scholarships than with national scholarships.

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