10 AMAZING Features Every Xbox One Owner Must Try

There is nothing more exciting than unwrapping a new game’s console. If you’re new to Xbox one or haven’t been keeping an eye on all the cool updates, this year there are loads of helpful features that you might have missed, although, I’ve collected 5 awesome features that every Xbox One owner must try, let’s get started.

1. Xbox One’s home screen

Did you know you can customize your Xbox One’s home screen to really make it your own? Let me tell you a little thing about content blocks. Content blocks are basically home screen sections that give you useful information. You can pin a friend in a Content block and see info about how their gaming is going such as how their achievements compare to yours. If that’s not incentive to get you hunting, then I don’t know what is, if you pin a game then you can see trending clips streams and posts from the games hub.

Maybe you want to keep up to date with deals you can pin those from Xbox Live for easy access to info. To add a game to a Content block, open the guide head over to my games and apps and press the menu button on your desired game, from there you can easily add it to your home. Customizing doesn’t stop there though you can also change your background arts after you unlock an achievement, you can use the Associated art as the background on your Xbox. It may be narcissistic to be constantly reminded of how awesome you are, don’t forget, you can also change the theme of your Xbox from light to dark, depending on your preference. Just head over to settings, system personalization and then select system theme. So do let me know in the comments what your favorite feature is.

Pins are incredibly useful, little things that have been around since the early days of Xbox one but have constantly evolved with the system, they are basically shortcuts to your favorite games and apps. If you are currently hooked on watering turnips in stodgy Valley and powering through every episode of Rick and Morty on Netflix, then you need quick access to them, am I right? Does it appear that you need to choose the game or app you want and press the Menu button on them, select pin to home and done if you want to rearrange your pins and then just highlight it with the way button move it to where you want it to go and press ‘a’ to drop it. You can access your pins from the home menu or the guide menu. It’s a simple way to keep your Xbox organized and get you to your turnips that a little bit quicker.

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2. Customize the way your controller works

Your home screen isn’t the only thing that can be customized, you can customize the way your controller works, how you sign it in and even how it looks. Let’s start with reassigning buttons; if you download the Xbox accessories app you’ll see your controller and the option to configure it from here on. You can really make your controller your own whether you want to remap buttons like swapping the triggers or thumb six or if you want to change the hardware settings such as changing trigger sensitivity or vibration motors.

If you’ve got a lot of people using the same Xbox, then assigning a controller to a profile is an easy way to speed up signing in. Just open up the guide, head over to settings and then all settings, go to connect and devices, and the devices and accessories from here you can select your controller and assign it to your account. This is great if you’re, sharing with siblings – and you both have your own controller. For the ultimate act of customization that you can design your very own controller using Xbox design lab; head over to the website and make the controller of your dreams. You can change the color of everything, decide what kind of finish and grip you want and even engrave it with something to really make it your own.

3. Get four free games every month

Just so you know for future reference games with gold is pretty much a must-have when it comes to your Xbox One. When you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold for $ 5.99 a month, you get four free games every month, online play and access to some crazy weekly deals in the store so but ever a no-brainer.

Really in 2017, we had some incredible games come to games with gold from assassin’s creed 3 to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon from XCOM 2 for 2 horizon, there’s always some great titles to get you to stuck into. If you’re more into bargain hunting then deals with gold offers a crazy amount of savings. Each week you’ll enjoy exclusive savings off of games and their add-ons giving you the potential to save some serious moolah.

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With these bargain backward compatibility have to get rid of your Xbox 360 games just because you’ve got an Xbox One now yeah, but thanks to backward compatibility more and more 360 titles are being added to Xbox One. Every week all you’re going to do is insert your old disc or buy a digital copy on the store and you’re good to go.

4. Play multiplayer games with friends across Xbox One and Xbox 360

It really is that simple with Xbox Live Gold, you can play multiplayer games with friends across Xbox One and Xbox 360 too but if you are all about that, oh gee Xbox, some original Xbox titles have been added this year too.

That’s three beautiful generations of exports all on one console and all running beautifully, plus there’s good news for Xbox One X owners, selected 360 games are Xbox One X enhanced, meaning they’ll have a higher resolution up to nine times the original pixel count and expanded color details. Thanks to some powerful wizardry from Xbox’s tech mages, you can enjoy Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, Fallout 3 and Oblivion playing better than ever. If these were less enlightened times, we burn them for witchcraft, as it is, let’s just enjoy some classics reborn.

5. Streaming your games online

Streaming your games online is a huge deal in gaming these days, it’s a way of broadcasting your gameplay to people all across the globe showing off your skills, making friends and chatting to your very own community.

6. Mixer

Xbox has its own streaming service called Mixer baked into the machine. Streaming on Mixer is different to other services as it has a very little delay between what happens on your screen and what people are watching which makes it much easier to interact with your audience.

Everything is instant which makes chatting with your communities so much better. Using Mixer is incredibly easy just press the Xbox button and scroll to the mixer option from there you can set up your account and simply press the start broadcasting option and that’s it your gameplay is now out there for all to see. The cool thing about Mixer is that you can stream with up to three friends so showing off co-op gaming is Brees.

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7. UNlock achievements

Ah, they pumped through the veins of every Xbox fan and keep us playing as we Hoover up that sweet gamerscore if you’ve somehow managed to miss them all this time. You unlock achievements by performing certain tasks depending on the game and your Xbox one.

It makes it super easy to track. If you head over to the guide menu you’ll see a section dedicated to achievements, from here you can use the proper trackers to keep an eye on what you’re after. Customize it however you want, you can change how many achievements show up on the screen and where the tracker is positioned?

8. The tracker

The tracker is super useful if you’re going for an achievement that requires collecting or performing a task a certain amount of times as the tracker will fill up the more you progress. Once you’ve started raking in those chivos, you can head over to the leaderboard to see how you’re holding up against your mates. Test your skills by going for a rare achievement, which is an achievement which has been unlocked by less than 1 % of people.

9. Gwen

Fans of The Witcher, 3 and Hearthstone should definitely check out Gwen. Whilst we have a few, puts you in a tale of a bunch of terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial, of course.

10. Xbox game preview

The game on everyone’s minds at the moment is player unknowns battlegrounds PUBG pits you in a battle royale style, fight to the death as 100 players scavenge for weapons whilst trying to stay alive in an increasingly shrinking map. It’s probably one of the most stressful yet exhilarating games available at the moment, and you can be a part of shaping its release with Xbox game preview feel like cooking up a tasty chicken dinner time to be a winner.

And there we have it, 10 features you need to try on your Xbox One. New features are coming to Xbox all the time. So do let me know in the comments what your favorite feature is.

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