My Top 26 Xbox One Games of 2019.

Today we would be ranking the top 26 Xbox One Games of 2018.
Top 26 Xbox One Games of 2019.
Number 26. Is greed fall

which is a game that gets some serious points for atmosphere, barak, art from the 17th century? Specifically it really it’s so different the characters, even we haven’t seen a massive amount of stuff on this game. Yet but it’s giving me hell, blades, send you a sacrifice, vibes and I, like those vibes

Number 25 is bio mutant

Looks to combine the mascot platformer from the 90s, with maybe an open-world darksouls ish arcade beat them up, but not beat them up. The fast-paced are souls with a cutesy mascot yeah. When you describe it, it sounds wild, but I think that’s kind of what is drawing me to bio mutant by mutant is calling my name, and I look forward to customizing my very own bio mutant.

Number 24 – is on rush

A racer from Codemasters. That is just like. You know what realism doesn’t matter and I’m with them. We need more arcade racing goodness in our lives that just leans right into the absurd element of the tradition of arcade racers. It’S generally an off-road looking game and the thing that I have to say. I definitely like the most about it is that, while they’re revisiting that type of game, they aren’t forcing us to look at the old style, graphics, race games, look so much better now and they actually really went like. Let’S find our own distinct visual style. Can’T wait.

Number 23 is blood-stained ritual of the night

Which looks to really be finally following in the footsteps of Castlevania, but far be it from being a ripoff. It definitely has its own tricks up its sleeve. There are honestly some weird ways. It sort of reminds me of PlayStation, like the first PlayStation has that kind of vibe to it, but obviously the graphics are better there’s tons of potential here and I really hope that they have gotten a little bit better than the demo. But the demo was a ton of fun still

Number 22, the car 18

Which, if you’re not sure what this is. It’S a game depiction of the dakar rally, an endurance race that translates over to an open-world racing game with a world that is five thousand seven hundred ninety-one square miles. Now here’s the nice thing about that an open-world, an assassin’s creed that doesn’t have a ton of stuff in it boring open-world in a racing game. The terrains, really all that matters so bring on the car at least try it. The trailers very cool

Number 21 is Ace

Combat 7 Skye’s unknown. We have not had a mainline ace combat game in over a decade. It is arcade dogfighting combat, and the thing that I am there for honestly is multiplayer to have this in a current generation game that looks just astoundingly good graphically speaking is exciting because the old games are a hell of a lot of fun.

Number 20 is indivisible

A game I actually was fortunate enough to be able to play. The demo of this is really an intriguing game that takes RPG battles to a much faster pace, and it really is a fun version of the turn-based battle game that pretty much takes active time and gets rid of all the menus and places your commands on specific Buttons on the controller, it works so good, and if they’re able to give us a story that matches the gameplay mechanics, this will actually be among the best RPGs of the last decade. Not joking

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Number 19 is Super Meat Boy forever

A game that is indeed showing some serious promise, despite losing one of the main founders of team meets, but it does also look as if it is taking some risks. A lot of people are kind of like. Oh, what is going on here? People are getting the runner vibe from it. Well, that’s: okay, Super Meat Boy will exist forever and Super Meat Boy forever might be a new gift. The first was so great. I will obviously give this a chance whatever it is.

Number 18 is Valkyria

Chronicles 4, which, after Valkyria revolution. Thank you so much for going back to chronicles this game is being billed as they returned to the aesthetics and mechanics to the original game, including some of the progressions that they had from the ensuing sequels. I’M personally just happy it’s not about fury revolution. Honestly, I’m excited I like to Valkyria Chronicles games, so trust me the moment I got to the point where I was like. Okay, this is what Valkyria revolution is. I was like well can’t wait for Valkyria Chronicles for

Number 17 is ashen

A role-playing game about a nomad wandering the world in search of a place, sit down and call home in a lot of ways. It kind of seems like Dark Souls, but in a lot of other ways it doesn’t. It has a survival, an exploration element and for me I really like the art style. It kind of reminds me of like a dark journey, but obviously the game is nothing like journey in any way, shape or form. It’S intriguing and I hope that it’s something big

Number 16 is Celeste

A game that just absolutely looks like it is going to take the more platformer elements of the platforming genre and give us what comes off as a very unique game. It’S obviously more obstacle oriented from the footage you’re looking at right now, and I love the graphics and the music, particularly the music. Actually, but one thing I also really like is they don’t have like a HUD or any information on screen? The way you can tell if you still have your ability is her hair changes, color and I just think that’s clever as hell, because the last information you have to put on screen blatantly the easier it is to get immersed in the game.

Number 15 is Canary

A horror game based on HP, Lovecraft’s novella at the Mountains of Madness. However, it is not a depiction of that novella. It takes place mostly after the story takes place and apparently follows the story of scientists attempting to challenge the absolute limits of nature. Being that we know it’s a Lovecraft story. That is a bad idea. That’S okay, bad ideas are good game ideas. It’S a combat list! Game, you can die, there’s a lot of hostile creatures and well that sounds terrifying.

Number. 14 is extinction

A giant monster battling game where you are an acrobatic kind of Assassin’s Creed like hunter of giant monsters, except with very large monsters. Obviously, you have to mess up their armor, but you can also dismember them, and these enemies can also destroy pretty much everything in the environment which were being told, are fully destructible and have seen nothing. That contradicts that honestly, it looks fun as hell.

Number 13 is Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Honestly. I’Ve said it a lot at this point, but I enjoy the narrative games from telltale games, but I have been craving a co-op shooter much in the vein of payday and left for dead. Well, we’re getting it and we’re getting it from the developer of payday. So I think you can guess what its gon na play like The Walking Dead is a perfect scenario for such a game, and I can’t wait to immerse myself in it with a couple of friends.

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Number 12 is Agony

A survival game taking place in hell. You can possess the other denizens of Hell, but you have to avoid all of the demons and bad things. It’S a game that is just absolute perfect portrayal of howling aesthetic and if the game itself lives up to what we see of it, it’s really gon na be something different.

Number 11 is Megaman 11

A game that I am really looking forward to on account. It gives us what mighty number 9 did not a continuation of the Mega Man series that looks like it has some actual personality and don’t get me wrong. What we saw of mighty number 9 in the lead up made it seem promising, but they kind of under delivered. I’M a stickler for physics. The physics in this look great, maybe not exactly 1 to 1, but a lot closer than you might expect. But that’s just me going off eyeballs I haven’t played it point, is it’s oozing with personality and that’s the important thing I’m really looking forward to it?

Number 10 is Toejam and Earl

Back in the groove. It’S really interesting Adult Swim games as who’s taking it on it looks to build on the original toejam and Earl gameplay. It adds a little bit more depth, obviously, but this game really just looks right out of the 1990s, despite probably not being technically capable at that time period, and the music we’ve already heard is toe jam and earl or if ik i’m so there

Number 9 is Deep rock galactic

Somewhere between a shooter and no man’s sky, honestly like what a good idea, it’s not just like a shooter, it’s a cooperative four player shooter that looks in a lot of ways like if left4dead was a wild alien affair, with fully procedural and destructible Environments, mining and a lot of bombs. I cannot wait to try this game seriously.

Number 8 is Darksiders 3

A game being made by at least some of the people who made the first two Darksiders games. It will be taking place parallel to the first Darksiders games. As you play as the sister of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse tasked with finding and killing all of the seven deadly sins, if you’re familiar with Darksiders, obviously gon na be cool, especially knowing that some of the original people are involved. There’S an element of quality control I do expect and frankly, how can you deny more Darksiders? It’S a great series.

Number 7 is Dragonball Fighters

If you like, Marvel vs. Capcom and Dragon Ball, you’re a big dope. If you don’t bother with this cuz. This is that I wouldn’t call it a clone, but it owes so much to MVC that you really feel at home if you enjoy that game. But it’s Dragon Ball in a lot of ways. I think it’s actually a little bit better than MVC. At least a couple of them, maybe not the most recent cuz – I really like the most recent MVC, but this is one that’s hard to put down once you pick it up.

Number 6 is Soul Calibur 6

A game that’ll we’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series and hopefully bringing it back to its former glory. It intends to bring back the colorfulness of the first title, which is always good and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls that some of the darker versions of this already dark series have done. Obviously, Soul. Calibur is a great weapons fighter and I really hope that it is brought back to its former glory, because I love the first two games.

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Number 5 is Metal Gear survive

Again that we were very skeptical of when it was first announced, but the recent beta kind of gave us a little bit of Hope. Now, I’m not going to say that I think this is going to be a blockbuster title, that everybody says wow the world has changed theirs before Metal Gear survived and after, but it is actually a hardcore survival game that plays like Metal Gear, Solid 5. And I don’t know if you remember, but phantom pain is freaking awesome to actually have a competent survival game that keeps that phenomenal style of play as long as they don’t screw it up. I’M actually pleasantly shocked, although they may still screw it up. We don’t know we didn’t really get a long period of time with the game.

Number 4 is fee

A game that has been called kind of uh knee, but personally I have to stick up for it. It is a game that tries to do so. Many different things and succeeds that enough of it that I think it’s really worth trying out that really manages to keep my eyes on the screen forever. There are a few things to forgive, but it is a really fun open-world, platformer action, puzzle, etc, etc. Camp and know that it’s not a disc, they just try to do a lot of different stuff and I’d. Rather them try to do that and maybe not make a perfect game. Experimentation is good.

Number 3 is the crew

Which is really giving us a wild wild look at a world where I guess inception can possibly happen. Considering the first crew is a little bit more subdued than this one, I’m not really. That upset. I really like the idea that they’re leaning into such a bizarre idea. They say it is going to be in the final game, at least at the moment. We don’t know for sure, but hey the crew is good on absurd. The crew with tons of vehicles, planes boats, maybe better

Number 2 – is the last night

An absolutely beautiful, cyberpunk side-scrolling, utterly insane looking game a pixel art adventure game. That flat-out looks like nothing else. You have ever seen period. We all have some pretty high hopes for this one I don’t know basically ticks every box I would ask for and whatever you would call.

This number 1 is Call of Duty 2018.

Now we don’t have a whole lot of information. We just know for certain that there is for sure a Call of Duty game on its way, but there’s a lot of speculation is going to be black ops, 4 and, as you know, I really enjoyed black ops 3. Probably one of my favorite Call of Duty’s. Although there’s a lot of duds in the series, there’s also a lot of high points and I’m interested because Treyarch does a great job.

What Xbox One game are you looking forward to the most this year let us know in the  comment section.

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