Huawei P30 Lite review

Though it’s less expensive, the huawei P 30 lite brings the same captivating looks you get from the more premium P 30 the back is made of glass though here instead of an aluminum frame there is a plastic one, but it definitely doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap though the pearl-white model looks really clean with chrome accents in contrast the peacock blue was a bit louder with this shiny metallic gradient if you catch the light just right on the blue one you get a wavy s like reflection pretty neat.

Huawei P30 lite

My only real gripe with the build is that the large camera bump makes a wobble quite a lot on a desk making it almost unusable there and of course there’s no waterproofing but it’s hard to expect that at this price point on the front the p30 light features a tall 6.1 5 inch IPS LCD with a 1080p resolution there is a small water drop notch cut out for the selfie cam and as you’d expect from hallway you can hide it with a black bar if you want at 415 PPI.

Content looks decent on this screen it posted very good numbers for contrast though we have seen better in this class and colors can be impressively accurate in the sRGB color space maximum brightness is pretty good for an LCD at 501 nits in auto mode in bright conditions we did notice a contrast shift when tilting the screen and with a white background you can notice that the panel looks a bit dimmer around the edges the p30 light does have a notification LED up at the top above the knotch so you know if there’s something that needs your attention for your audio there’s a single speaker down at the bottom next to the USBC port it scored excellent loudness in our tests but the output is lacking in the highs and the lower frequencies.

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There is a regular headphone jack to plug into and sound through headphones is below average volume wise but has good clarity there is FM radio when you’re plugged in as well you can unlock the phone with a fingerprint scanner located on the back it’s quite fast and reliable and there’s a face unlock option too with the usual caveats it isn’t as secure as a fingerprint at least in this type of setup you get quite a bit of storage onboard the p30 lite at 128 gigs and it is expandable to do the hybrid microSD slot.

The user interface is Android 9 Pi with Huawei’s emui 9.0 on top. It isn’t 9.1 like he got on the flagships so you’re missing the fancy new file system here all of your apps are on the home screen by default but you can choose to keep them in an app drawer instead swiping down on the home screen will open a search bar for your apps and contacts and going to the left on the home screen brings you to a Google News Feed if you need to easy access to the notification shade you can pull it down by swiping your finger on the fingerprint scanner and if you want you can use gesture navigation instead of the on-screen navigation keys under the hood of the p30 light is hallways Kirin 710 chipset in either 4-6 gigs of RAM it delivers decent performance on par with competitors like the Snapdragon 660 and the Helio P 70


Huawei has managed quite well and games run mostly without a hitch battery left on this phone is actually really good it has a 3300 milliamp hour battery and it’s scored a 94 hour endurance rating in our proprietary tests that’s a much better than last year’s p20 lights you do get fast charging as well with the bundled 18 watt charger we were able to go from 0 to 35% charge in half an hour the p30 light has a triple camera setup on the back there’s a 48 megapixel main camp an 8 megapixel ultra-wide cam and a 2 megapixel death sensor for portrait mode just like on huawei’s other recent phones the main cam uses a quad Bayer filter and pixel viniq so it’s default output is 12 megapixels in good light these look great with a good colors excellent detail and impressive dynamic range you can opt to take photos and 48 megapixels but this takes longer to capture and is a bit finicky when it does work as its supposed to you can get a good image but you often get a noisy photo digitally upscale from 12 megapixels there is no telephoto cam on the p30 light so if you do decide to zoom it’s done digitally the ultra wide camera produces good 8 megapixel images and the distortion correction worse’ straighten out the results fine detail is in grades then an emic range is more narrower than on the main cam but colors and contrasts are excellent. We were quite impressed by the p30 lite’s portrait mode especially for a mid ranger these shots come out in 12 megapixels and have excellent subject separation, the edge detection is pretty hard to fool and transitions are well done in low-light. 12 megapixel shots from the main camera have good color saturation and exposure.

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There is some noticeable noise though and highlights do get clipped if you switch to the dedicated night mode each shot takes a bit longer. You’ll have to wait a few seconds but the results are much better with more detail even exposure, tolerable noise levels and accurate colors Klerk highlights are rescued too there may be a little too much sharpening though there is no night mode for the ultra wide-angle camera which is a shame since his regular low-light images aren’t very good the p30 light has a 24 megapixel selfie camera with an f 2.0 lens focus is fixed as usual if you get the distance right and if there’s plenty of light you can get some detailed shots with spot-on colors video can be recorded and up to 1080p at 30 or 60 FPS the 30fps mode has electronic stabilization which is always on this footage is quite nice with good contrast lively colors an impressive dynamic range though the result detail is just average.

Video is taken with the ultra wide-angle camera, lacking in detail but still have good colors in excellent dynamic range so that’s the Huawei P 30 lite, it brings a sharp looking design.

loss of storage great battery life and nice camera performance all at a much lower price in the flagship versions but ironically it’s the price that makes this phone tough to recommend simply because there’s so much competition in the market right now at 350 euros the p30 light isn’t exactly cheap for a mid-range ER and there are other phones that can do what this guy can or even better for less money once the price does go down though it might be worth looking into thanks for watching guys and see you on the next one

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