Oppo F11 Pro review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Oppo F11 Pro’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera quality.


Smartphone companies try to maximize screen size, so it’s hard to find phones without screen cutouts for the selfie cam but there are some more creative options making their way under the mid-range scene.

Oppo f11 pro review

This is a Oppo f11 pro review the Oppo F 11 Pro comes with a stunning gradient finish it goes from blue to black to purple and though it is made of plastic it really does look like glass the phone seems pretty durable and doesn’t feel cheap despite the plastic but of course at this price point waterproofing is a bit much to ask for.

It probably wouldn’t even be possible either thanks to one of the f11 pros key features the motorized pop-up selfie cam it hides inside the body and comes out when you need it.

Oppo f11 pro review

It isn’t slow but we’ve seen faster on other phones OPPO did a nice job with the aesthetics here though this healthy cam is directly in the center in line with the rear camera bump it all looks symmetrical and kind of satisfying and since the bump is centered the phone doesn’t wobble much on a table of course you could slap on the included case if you want the most stability thanks to the hidden selfie cam the Oppo F 11 pro’s tall six point five three inch display has minimal bezels and is not free unlike the regular f11 it’s an IPS LCD with a 1080p resolution

Here you get a great full screen experience with pretty deep blacks and at 400 PPI content looks crisp color accuracy is just average by default but you can improve it by turning the color slider to warm in settings maximum brightness sits at 414 it’s and there’s no boost if you’re in auto mode is OK for the class though and sunlit legibility is good here you can

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Unlock the f11 pro with the fingerprint reader located on the back, it’s always on and very fast and of course you can open your phone using face unlock it’s a bit less secure but it’s an excuse to play around with a selfie cam and impress people the Oppo F 11 pro has one loudspeaker at the bottom it posted a score of very good in our loudness test and quality is excellent with a rich and deep sound [Music] plugging in headphones through the 3.5 millimeter jack degrades the stereo quality quite a lot and loudness is only average there is FM radio though you get 64 or 128 gigs of storage on the F 11 Pro and it is expandable through the hybrid slot unfortunately Oppo is still sticking to micro USB ports on its mid-range phones .

You can choose to store your apps in an app drawer or to keep them all on the home screen swiping to the left takes you to smart assistant panels which give you things like a calendar step tracker and a space for shortcuts and swiping from a bar on the right edge of the screen opens a space for shortcuts to there’s a game space where you can store your games and change settings for performance and blocking notifications and the phone comes with some gesture options you can swipe up and hold the Siri synapse swipe from bottom left or bottom right to go back and swept up from the meadow to go home.


Oppo off 11pro is powered by a Helio P 70 chipset neither four or six gigs of RAM it also has a dedicated chip for AI driven tasks performance is smooth with no heating or throttling issues games run well – especially if you take the time to tweet their settings in the game space with a four thousand milliamp hour battery you’d expect battery life on the F 11 Pro to be pretty good and you’d be right it scored an excellent endurance rating of 109 hours not proprietary tests the phone also brings 20 watt VOC fast charging it isn’t blazing fast but decent we were able to charge from zero to 40% in 30 minutes.

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The Oppo alpha 11 Pro comes with a dual camera setup there’s a forty eight megapixel F 1.8 main cam with face detection autofocus and a five megapixel one for depth sensing in portrait mode because of quad Bayer technology the default output of the main cam is 12 megapixels in good light shots come out excellent there’s plenty of detail high dynamic range lively and accurate colors superb contrast and overall very nice processing we did find one issue in areas of uniform colors there are noticeable patterns of noise you can toggle on the dazzle color mode which uses advanced image stacking to improve the dynamic range further than HDR it also adds some saturation to the colors but you lose some fine details if you really want to shoot in 48 megapixels you can do it but the photos you’ll get are far from impressive they’re just upscaled versions of the 12 megapixel ones with no improvement in detail the photos we took in portrait mode are excellent subject separation works very well and transitions from sharp 2d focused are quite smooth these are among the better portraits we’ve seen flagships included thanks to the bright F 1.8 lens normal shots in low-light come out excellent as well way beyond what we expected for the class there is nice detail low noise levels balance highlights and excellent contrast there’s even a dedicated ultra night mode each shot takes a few seconds but it gives you a brighter exposure and cleans up noise dynamic range is improved and you get boosted contrast and saturation but you lose some fine detail onto the selfie cam it’s 16 megapixels in F 2.0 and there’s no autofocus here it does a decent job there’s nice colors in detail and dynamic range is good for a selfie shooter for video the f11 Pro maxes out at 1080p at 30fps even though the Helio p7 II can handle 4k videos quality is good though there’s plenty of resolved detail accurate colors low noise and stereo sound recording GIS is always on and dynamic range is average thanks to the high-res sensor you can also shoot videos with two times lossless zoom and their quality is on par with a regular 1080p ones so that’s the Opel f11 Pro with this shiny package you’re gonna sell the chipset a large nacho screen excellent battery life and a great camera experience there are only a few things left to complain about.

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The microUSB port is kind of a bummer Plus this isn’t the cheapest mid-ranger around at around 25,000 rupees or 320 euros that said if you’re looking for a totally not free device the Oppo 11 pro is one of the best you can find right now it definitely deserves a recommendation but if going modulus isn’t your priority it’s worth it to shop around there are a lot of competing phones that you can find for less money thanks for reading guys and see you on the next one

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